One-Tap Telehealth

The HIPAA Compliant One-Tap Telehealth Solution

Revolutionize your telehealth experience with DocsInk. Securely connect one-to-one or one-to-many providers and patients in seconds via audio and video without the need for patients to download any additional software or application.

Waiting Rooms

Custom Waiting Rooms

Our Telehealth Workflow Tools help you track, start sessions, manage handoffs and charge your completed Telehealth sessions with ease. Easy to set up and online in minutes.

Custom URL

Create and share a custom URL link to allow patients to check in to your virtual Waiting Room with one click. Host the link on your website or send in an email.

Multi-Doc Rooms

Assign multiple doctors and nurses to one room or create multiple rooms. Patients can check in and queue to their providers dashboard seamlessly with superior patient call quality.

Session Status Legend

Immediately asses a patient’s session progress. See when they enter your waiting room, progressed through check-in and ready for their session.


Adapts to your productivity

DocsInk’s one-tap telehealth solution enables you to virtualize your practice within 30 minutes, emulating office-based work flows through integrated appointment scheduler and confirmations, virtual waiting rooms, high quality audio and video connectivity, instant bill generation, and EHR import for full continuity of care and historical audit.

No apps to download for your patients

We remove the obstacles that create the most barriers for a successful telehealth visit with your general patient population.  Connect to your patients with just a link.  One-Tap telehealth.

Confirm your appointments

Maintain maximum efficiency with DocsInk’s integrated appointment confirmation and gentle reminder system.  We send a pre-call test to make sure your video calls run as smoothly as possible.

Email or SMS

DocsInk gives you multiple ways to reach your patients where and when it matters.  Send your patient telehealth links via SMS or email from our dashboard or bulk messenger.



Fully Seamless Reimbursement

Convenient virtual care visits translate into fewer no shows and cancellations while facilitating an efficient clinical schedule with increased billable time and reduced overhead costs per visit. DocsInk helps clinicians transition previously unpaid patient phone calls into revenue generating telehealth visits and virtual check-ins.

Bill Instantly

Utilize Docsink’s integrated charge capture application to immediately bill clinical telehealth services performed. Create customized templates at the individual provider level to include favorite and most commonly used CPT and ICD codes for maximum efficiency.

Generate Recurring Revenue

Expand your telehealth solution to include DocsInk’s RPM and automated check-ins which provide an immediate ROI. Benefit from recurring monthly revenue while helping patients achieve their best health using real-time, actionable data.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Maximize clinical reimbursement by virtualizing low-level and follow-up visits, to free up scheduling for procedures and more complex visits. Experience a reduction in same-day cancellations and patient no-shows, eliminating associated loss in revenue.  


Easily integrates with platforms you're already using

Share screen, record/save/send videos and images, and import into a health information system for full continuity of care and historical audit. Easily confirm telehealth appointments via SMS. Manage telehealth sessions using DocsInk’s virtual waiting room. Generate and submit telehealth billing codes instantly


Import your patients and jump-start telehealth

Import your patient appointment schedules to automate your confirmation and reminder views.  Use our real time dashboard to track multiple doctors or departments for efficiency.

Telehealth untethered

Launch a telehealth session from your PC, MAC or from our native iOS and Android devices.  DocsInk’s telehealth allows you to take your practice entirely remote.

Trend and range entire programs

Track specific programs or individual patients over time or groups of check ins.  Our internal charting and check in process keeps your patient health and progress in the front of patient healthcare.

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