Mobile Charge Capture

Instant billing in 4 – 7 seconds. DocsInk is the key to a healthy revenue cycle.

DocsInk’s Mobile Charge Capture solution captures charges and hierarchical condition category (HCC) codes right at the point-of-care. As a result, you could increase clinical revenue by an average of 17% within 45 days, all with multi-day, multi-patient and pre-surgical coding.

Role Based Customization


Provider, Group and Org-Level Privileges

Quickly designate CPT and ICD code favorites, create notes and quick list items for streamlined patient transfer/handoff capability, opt to remember last billed procedure and diagnosis codes, and attach face sheets when appropriate for easy access by billing staff.

Create multiple service locations

Different charges for different locations? No problem! Even if you create multiple service locations, you can set one to default.

Customize and sort patient lists

With DocsInk, you can not only customize and sort lists, but also include location, sub-location, rounding group and on call group.

Immidiate access to patient profiles

No more searching for profiles. With DocsInk, you have immediate access to patient profiles, such as pertinent rounding notes, images and data.

Pocket CFO

Real-time financial data is a powerful tool for clinicians and administrators alike.

DocsInk’s Mobile Charge Capture is, in addition to being user friendly, a power tool for finances. For example, you can instantly access billing, revenue and RVU data. Whether you choose DocsInk’s mobile or desktop application, it is simple to see real-time financial and productivity numbers at-a-glance; in addition to the available full suite of on-demand reports.


Real-Time Encounter Reimbursement Calculator

You certainly could use more insight into caseloads! If that’s so, you’ll love DocsInk’s Mobile Charge Capture. It shows, for example, how the professional services performed equates to in estimated reimbursement. And, in addition, it aligns that to specific contract and fee schedule rates.

Configurable for RVU, Encounters, or Reimbursement

Accurately track data that is important to you for calculating and auditing work performed, encounters completed and revenue generated.

Day, Week, Month and Yearly Trending

This is another way DocskInk gives you an edge. Firstly, leverage financial and productivity data to analyze performance. Secondly, determine projections. And finally, set goals for individuals, groups and organizations.

Census Management


One size never fits all when it comes to managing patient populations.

Easily create and customize multiple locations, sub-locations, on-call groups and rounding groups for seamless census management, while leveraging DocsInk’s automated admission/discharge/transfer notifications for improved transitions of care.

Default Rounding Locations

We’re always looking for ways to add efficiency. For example, quickly create and set a default rounding location. Consequently you will see improved efficiency and accuracy, right at the individual provider level.

Instant Patient Handoff

Transfer an entire patient list or only a selected few to another clinician including pertinent data and notes, at the end of shift or rotation for improved continuity of care and time savings.

Real-time ADT Notifications 

Automatically provide admission, discharge and transfer notifications to entire care teams in both the inpatient and outpatient settings for optimized transitions of care and improved outcomes.

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