DocsInk’s customizable RPM programs guarantee patient access to care, improved health outcomes, achieved clinical goals and maximum recurring revenue. 

Whether managing patients’ acute and chronic condition(s) or providing clinical coaching to promote optimum health and well-being, DocsInk’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs makes it easy. Quickly set individualized goals, ranges, alerts, automatic check-in notifications and more to help patients achieve their short and long-term objectives.

Our RPM dashboard provides access to continuous physiologic patient data to quickly detect worsening conditions and disease progression. Patient engagement is improved, and delivery of care is accelerated through DocsInk’s real-time communication features. Built to maximize health, efficiency and revenue, DocsInk generates bills for all professional services rendered within seconds.

Patient Onboarding


Onboarding Without the Hassle

A poorly executed Remote Patient Monitoring program suffers from lack of patient compliance or worse, patient indifference. DocsInk’s patient engagement and onboarding experience simplifies the patient process to only a few taps, ensuring that your program is operational and profitable within a few days.

Our app does the work

Developed with convenience with practice and patient in mind, DocsInk’s platform streamlines the process from beginning to end. Our simple solution offers a pleasant user experience which promotes patient-centered care and the instant connectivity required for best health outcomes.

From your EHR to DocsInk

DocsInk maintains integrations with every major EHR all over the United States. Check our AppStore for SSOs or access our APIs directly and build your own integration.

Sync devices or manually update

Patients are already tracking the information you need. DocsInk is partnered with Validic and integrated with Apple Health, Samsung Health, and Google Fit – allowing 99% of wearable devices to sync with DocsInk with just one tap. Of course, health data can be updated manually as well.

RPM Programs

Assign, Track and Trend your RPM Programs

Prevent hospital visits and readmissions. Increase patient engagement and satisfaction. Manage and analyze the physiologic data received. This is all done by assigning a personalized RPM program to a patient, setting goals and monitoring their progress. DocsInk’s RPM dashboard provides contextual data and visualizes trends. Track patient compliance, streamline and automate real-time responses and feedback, and benefit from a strong recurring revenue stream while coaching your patients to their optimum health.


A library of template driven RPM Programs

Grab one our RPM programs developed with input from every major specialty and DocsInk’s 11,000 healthcare professionals. Clone it and create the care program that’s specific to your preferences.

Simplified RPM program assignment

One-click program assignment allows you to focus on real care. The conditions, tracked items, and ranges cascade into the patient’s invitation profile without any manual intervention.

Trend and range entire programs

Track specific programs or individual patients over time or groups of check ins. Our internal charting and check in process keeps your patient health and progress in the front of patient healthcare.

Improved ROI & Patient Care


Pandemic Proof Access to Care and Revenue Generation

DocsInk’s RPM technologies allow clinicians to quickly monitor, assess and address their patient’s health. While working to adapt to changes created by the recent global health crisis, navigate value-based care, manage chronically ill patient populations, or simply provide on-going coaching to promote general health and well-being, DocsInk’s RPM solution offers a strong ROI and the tools to achieve patient health goals.

Team based care management

Individuals and teams can use DocsInk seamlessly across multiple patient populations. Our team-based access roles secure your patient list and allow multiple stakeholders access.

Coaching to healthy

DocsInk integrates with best-of-breed MDM services like Diasyst to assist your team in real-time medial decision making services and providing healthy outcome values to your patient population.

Top-notch Value Based Care

DocsInk’s RPM program is an out-of-the-box platform that engages your patients in an entirely revolutionary way. Consistent with the latest value-based care trends and reimbursement from payers, you’ll expand your patient base while engaging them with faster and better point of care health coaching.

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