Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Physiological Monitoring allows you to monitor your patients & bill for your time.

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The Future Of Telehealth

One-tap with no patient downloads. Video / voice & secure file - sharing in minutes.

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The Platform

Our platform that has it all

Chronic Care Management

Easily track CCM patients, aggregate time, log clinical tasks and monitor health progress to improve outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Successfully manage patient populations, speed up the delivery of care, achieve clinical goals and generate reoccurring revenue.

One-Tap Telehealth

Securely link providers and patients in seconds via audio and video without patient app downloads, with the ability to instantly bill for services rendered.

Seamless EHR Integration

Create integrated and system agnostic services with the nation’s leading EHR platforms.

Mobile Charge Capture

Capture charges at the point of care, promoting an increase in clinical revenue by an average of 17% within 45 days, while capturing HCC codes for maximized reimbursement.

HIPAA Compliant Messenger

Connect providers-to-providers in a simple Facebook-like manner, without the need for expensive and complicated interfaces.

Patient Care Application

Connect providers-to-patients externally via direct messaging/texting, SMS messaging.
The Platform

One Flexible Platform. One Full Solution.

Our Users

Who is using DocsInk?

Primary Care Physicians

“After a couple false starts with other vendors, we tried DocsInk. DocsInk is the simplest, most user friendly telehealth solution.”
Dr. Neil Lombardi

Family Medical Center 


“Our first question was how difficult will the EHR integration be? With DocsInk, it was a breeze!”
Shawn Trentmore, CTO

Springfield Medical Facility

Behavioral Health Providers

“Being able to communicate virtually with my patients in real-time has been a game changer. We love the automated patient check-in feature that you can customize as well!”
Dr. Sharon Farrell
Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Center

Home Health

“We tried other solutions but found onboarding patients to be very difficult. DocsInk walks the patient through the setup process in just a couple of minutes. We have gotten positive feedback from both our patients and clinicians. Thanks for what you do!”
Renee Kramer, RN

Home Health Nursing Services

Multi-Specialty Clinics

“From secure messaging to chronic care management, your solution has made patient-centered care so much easier. One hand always knows what the other is doing without duplicating work or efforts. That means a lot to a group our size. Plus we aren’t losing charges anymore!”
Dr. Charles Moore
Delta Specialty Clinic

Your 2021 CMS RPM Guidelines Resource

On December 1, 2020, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a final ruling that includes updates on policy changes for Remote Patient Monitoring. Download our General Guidelines to the Final 2021 CMS RPM Guidelines below.

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