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DocsInk Telehealth

"After a couple false starts with other vendors, we tried DocsInk. DocsInk is the simplest, most user friendly telehealth solution."

Josh Dobstaff, MD

Why Choose DocsInk

HIPAA Compliant

While we understand the requirements have been reduced during this pandemic, we all recognize the importance of HIPAA compliance.The provider and practice workflow is seriously limited by Applications & Software that are not HIPAA compliant as secured information is not readily available.DocsInk maintains an Annual, 3rd Party Audited Certification for its HIPAA Compliancy.

Feature Rich Software

Unlike other basic ”Telehealth” platforms, our solution includes several premium features like:

  • Virtual Office Workflow including 1-Tap
  • Telehealth Session and Billing Solution
  • Appointment Dashboard and Scheduler
  • Secure Internal Communication
  • Secure Patient Messenger App with Live Text
  • Translation for 54 Languages
  • Native Desktop App – MAC & PC
  • Native Mobile App – iOS, Android & iPad

Remote Patient Monitoring

As the world continues to move toward tech-driven applications, providers need to be able to treat remotely and monitor their patient population.Our automated, alerting dashboard allows providers to remotely treat and monitor their patients through real-time data.

docsink video chat

DocsInk's features virtualize your practice within an hour.

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Why DocsInk – COVID19

We here at DocsInk understand the COVID-19 pandemic overshadows anything previously seen or experienced throughout the modern history of the world. We are currently faced with fears of both the known and unknown regarding this relentless disease which continues to wreak havoc on even the healthiest populations around the globe. COVID-19 has affected every individual […]

Is Telemedicine the New Normal?

The landscape of healthcare has dramatically changed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brick and mortar doctor’s offices visits have in great part been replaced by e-visits via laptops and mobile devices within the comfort of patient’s homes. Stay-at-home orders and widespread quarantines have pushed the fast forward button on the increased adoption of […]

5 Benefits of Telemedicine and DocsInk

Both medical professionals and patients alike greatly benefit from telemedicine services. The trend of adopting communication based technology services (CBTS) is becoming widespread as Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurance payers have relaxed their administrative guidelines and improved their reimbursement models. FH Health Indicators reports that telemedicine visits grew 53% nationally from 2016 to 2017. […]