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DocsInk manages each unique user’s workflow.

We can also integrate seamlessly into existing technology. Our successful solutions touch on every aspect of the practice and the patient-doctor relationship.






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Home Health

“We tried other solutions but found onboarding patients to be very difficult. DocsInk walks the patient through the setup process in just a couple of minutes. We have gotten positive feedback from both our patients and clinicians. Thanks for what you do!”

Renee Kramer, RN

Home Health Nursing Services

DocsInk securely connects home health agencies.

By connecting them to their entire community, we enable HIPAA compliant communication with patients to their email, phones, and/or via our Patient Care Application. Each method comes directly to your app so you get all the information you need in real time.


DocsInk is a modular platform.

Healthcare organizations can choose from a menu of services and features to integrate into their current workflows. By increasing access to physicians and specialists, DocsInk helps ensure patients receive the right care, at the right place, in real time.

“Our first question was how difficult will the EHR integration be? With DocsInk, it was a breeze!”

Shawn Trentmore, CTO

Springfield Medical Facility

Behavioral Health

“Being able to communicate virtually with my patients in real-time has been a game changer. We love the automated patient check-in feature that you can customize as well!”

Dr. Sharon Farrell

Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Center

Access to specialty healthcare services.

Ease of access has been a long standing challenge. However, DocsInk allows simpler and more timely access for providers servicing patients in need of psychiatric and mental health services.


We understand one size does not fit all.

DocsInk has the unique ability to adapt to the needs of each specialty with separate and shared patient populations, while offering connectivity that simplifies organizational management, control of referral networks, secure communication, revenue generation, and overall patient access to care.

“From RPM, to secure messaging and chronic care management, your solution has made patient-centered care so much easier. One hand always knows what the other is doing without duplicating work or efforts. That means a lot to a group our size. Plus we aren’t losing charges anymore!”

Dr. Charles Moore

Delta Specialty Clinic

Primary Care

“After a lot of false starts, DocsInk has made telehealth a great option for our practice and patients.”

Dr. Neil Lombardi

Family Medical Center

DocsInk solves many of the challenges faced by PCPs.

We provide simple, flexible and cost-effective solutions for improved patient access and engagement, successful value-based reporting, maximized revenue generation and streamlined management of patient populations.

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