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by | August, 2nd, 2023

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A Pharmacist’s Success with DocsInk’s athenahealth Integration

A pharmacist, driven by the desire to enhance patient care through innovative solutions, discovered DocsInk’s groundbreaking integration with athenahealth, offering a seamless approach to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Intrigued by the possibilities, they decided to explore this advanced system to revolutionize patient care.

With ease and efficiency, the pharmacist logged into DocsInk’s RPM platform and ran an eligibility check. The system automatically identified patients who qualified for RPM based on chronic conditions and recent hospitalizations. Reviewing the list thoughtfully, the pharmacist flagged the patients who would benefit from closer monitoring through RPM.

The magic of the integration took over. DocsInk’s RPM system instantly generated personalized RPM programs for each patient, tailoring the RPM devices and monitoring parameters to their unique healthcare needs. The device dropshipping process proved to be a game-changer. As the pharmacist ordered the RPM programs, DocsInk automated the device delivery, notifying patients with precise shipment details and setup instructions.

With DocsInk’s ambitious KPI – onboarding 100% of eligible patients within 25 days – the pharmacist was motivated to achieve remarkable results. Patient after patient joined the RPM program, embracing the convenience and personalized attention they received. Thanks to the user-friendly integration with athenahealth, the pharmacist surpassed the KPI within an impressive 20 days. The RPM program significantly improved patient outcomes, strengthening patient-pharmacist relationships

(this is a quote) it can be in smaller print before the last paragraph) “DocsInk’s athenahealth integration has been a game-changer for our pharmacy practice. With their seamless RPM solution, we can now easily identify eligible patients, create personalized RPM programs, and have RPM devices dropshipped directly to patients. It’s incredibly efficient and has allowed us to focus more on patient care and proactive interventions. Thanks to DocsInk, we achieved our onboarding goal in record time, and our patients couldn’t be happier with the personalized attention they receive. I highly recommend DocsInk to any pharmacy looking to elevate their patient care and make a real impact.” – Nate Suck

This pharmacist’s success story showcases the power of innovation and dedication to patient care. With DocsInk’s athenahealth integration, pharmacists can streamline Remote Patient Monitoring, making a tangible impact on patient health. Discover how this advanced solution can elevate your pharmacy practice and redefine patient care. Join the journey to build a healthier future with DocsInk’s integrated RPM system.

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