Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Quickly on-board patients via API
  • Track, trend and analyze physiologic data
  • Review, comment, and coach patients in real-time

Chronic Care Management

  • Automated Billing
  • Patient Population Management
  • CCM Audit Lock

One-Tap Telehealth

  • Share screen, record/save/send videos and images
  • Custom Waiting Rooms
  • Generate and submit billing codes instantly

Mobile Charge Capture

  • CPT and ICD Code Designation
  • Census Management
  • Pocket CFO

HIPAA Secure Messaging

  • Secure Communication and Collaboration
  • External SMS and Email Messaging
  • Patient Profile Management

Patient Care App

  • iOS, Android and Web Accessible
  • Custom Surveys & Check Ins
  • Two-Tap RPM Device Connection

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is now an integral part of healthcare. Not only can the quality of patient care be improved but by properly using the CMS approved CPT codes, clinicians can boost their ROI. by $200+/CCM/RPM patient.

What does your monthly ROI look like?

01. What Type of Provider Are You?

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