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by | August, 31st, 2022

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A practice can track a patient’s vital statistics without having to visit the clinic or transmit them via email or a patient portal by using Remote physiologic monitoring, also known as remote patient monitoring. Remote patient monitoring does not include manually entering vital signs. Medical professionals can examine changes in the volume of vital signs like blood pressure and modify prescriptions based on actual data rather than simply the readings they take during office visits.

Remote patient monitoring enables the practice to virtually check on patients with one or more chronic illnesses’ vital signs. Active provision of treatment management solutions. Proactive vitals tracking, according to studies, produces superior results. The time is now for your clinic to use remote monitoring solutions because Medicare and other insurances are now paying for the RPM service.

Devices Associated with Remote Physiology Monitoring

A new monitoring technology known as Remote Physiology Monitoring has already been developed to track a patient’s vital signs. It can track the same vital signs as a bedside monitor while still being portable. Allowing alarm thresholds to be adjusted for a specific circumstance or several conditions helps decrease false alarms. The alarms may be programmed to play at a central station, on a patient, on a mobile device, or all three.

Patients are offered a monitor for blood pressure or other internet-connected vitals monitoring equipment:

  • Weight Watching
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Monitor for Blood Sugar

Our coaches also give thorough instructions on how to use these tools. Every day patients take their measurements, and the information is immediately transferred to the practice platform, where it may be analyzed and shared with the patients to assist them in reaching their objectives by our care coaches and the internal medical office personnel. When a patient’s measurement deviates from what the practice considers normal, the systems also contain an alerting function that can send an email or SMS.

CPT and Remote Monitoring Coding Overview

The American Medical Association (AMA) developed and maintained the CPT code system. Medical, surgical, and diagnostic operations and services carried out by doctors and other licensed healthcare professionals in the USA are reported using CPT codes, which are explanatory phrases. CPT codes are the foundation for research, monitoring, and compensation for medical services.

CMS introduced these CPT codes 

  • CPT code 99453 for Setup:

Remote physiologic factor tracking, initial Setup, and patient instruction on device use. Examples include weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and respiratory flow rate.

  • CPT code 99454 for Device & Monitor:

Introduce a unique supply with the continuous recording or scheduled alarm broadcast every 30 days; remote access to physiologic measures (e.g., weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory flow rate).

  • CPT code 99457 for Patient Engagement: 

Remote physiologic monitoring and services provider, involving an active conversation with the patient/caregiver for 20 minutes or more in a calendar month from clinical staff, physicians, or other certified healthcare professionals.


According to the information above, as well as medical convention and research, the term “physiologic,” as used in the CPT codes for “Remote Physiologic Monitoring,” should cover these services. When combined with medications and healthcare provider services, inhaler sensors meet the technical and clinical standards for remote patient and remote physiologic monitoring CPT codes.

It is necessary to effectively incorporate virtual care’s increased use in healthcare, launched urgently during the COVID-19 pandemic. DocsInk is the destination for all remote monitoring services. Care for chronic respiratory diseases is only one of the several disorders that could profit from increased accessibility to remote monitoring.

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