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Patient Compliance

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Extremely responsive company that is dedicated to successful growth. Easy platform to use with minimal clicks. We use the RPM and have grown this area of the practice. DocsInk is always looking for feedback and ways to improve the users experience. Support staff is amazing.


The Search Is Over

1 Worried about low patient compliance?

2 Need help with the patient onboarding experience?

3 EHR integration stressing you out?

You have probably tried an RPM solution that resulted in low patient compliance and no ROI. With DocsInk’s user-friendly platform you’ll see compliance go through the roof!

Dr. Joshua Lowentritt

Chief of Nephrology, IMS New Orleans 

“DocsInk is hands down the most responsive vendor our group has ever dealt with. They are for real; committed to my group’s success, personally handling specific needs for our six specialties”

Reduce ER visits by


Reduce hospitalizations by


Reduce 7-day readmissions by


Reduce 30-day readmissions



What Makes DocsInk Different? 

A Remote Patient Monitoring Program ordered from your EHR. Like ordering a lab, but you make the money.

“It’s a great app. There’s no way to explain it better than that. I was an expert by the third time I picked it up. It’s just very well designed.”
Dr. Greg Herman

CMIO Inspira Health Network


Prevents hospital visits and readmissions by achieving patient health goals.


Provides ROI by engaging patients with an easy to use platform and cellular devices.


Simplifies the EHR integration process, adapts to your workflow, and seamlessly integrates with MDM services!


We’ve Got You Covered

Patient onboarding is only a few taps, and patient experience is engaging yet simple. This, combined with the best of the best wearable devices results in exceptional patient compliance.

We make EHR integration faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Get your RPM program up and running sooner with DocsInk.

When patients see results, they are compliant. Providing patient centered care in a user friendly way encourages patients to take control of their health, in turn providing better outcomes.

“We tried other solutions but found onboarding patients to be very difficult. DocsInk walks the patient through the setup process in just a couple of minutes. We have gotten positive feedback from both our patients and clinicians. Thanks for what you do!”
Dr. Neil Lombardi

Family Medical Center 

With DocsInk’s Remote Patient Monitoring platform, both patients and providers reap the benefits. Patients see improvements in their quality of life through better health outcomes while providers have the capability to provide exceptional remote care while increasing revenue substantially. Don’t wait, schedule your RPM demo with us today!


Asked Questions

Why will my patients be compliant with DocsInk’s RPM solution when RPM programs have been unsuccessful for my practice in the past?

Our program is designed to be simple, seamless, and engaging. Patients are compliant with DocsInk because they enjoy using the platform.

How is the data from my patients' devices received?

Through the use of cellular devices DocsInk can track heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, glucose levels, ketones, O2, sleep, and respiration.

How can I trust the vitals I am receiving are accurate?

DocsInk uses state of the art devices so you can rest assurred the data is accurate.

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