Increased Viability of RPM Reimbursement

by | February, 16th, 2022

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As the nation’s healthcare costs continue to rise, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has increasingly been used as a viable solution for managing patients with both chronic and acute conditions. Also sometimes referred to as Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM), is defined by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services as “the collection of physiologic data (for example ECG, blood pressure, glucose monitoring) digitally stores or transmitted by the patient or caregiver or both to the home health agency.” The uptake and movement towards different telemedicine solutions has been catalyzed by the pandemic, and many providers are discovering that RPM provides a valuable opportunity for providers and patients alike. 

Using DocsInk’s Remote Patient Monitoring platform, a single-provider practice was able to onboard 200 patients in 90 days, resulting in an increase in revenue of $50,000. Because DocsInk’s platform is built for efficiency and ease of use, the adoption and implementation of this RPM program did not require the practice to hire any additional full-time employees. Not only was the program profitable, more importantly it was effective in producing patient outcomes. The patients onboarded to this program were 93% compliant, indicating that DocsInk’s Remote Patient Monitoring solution is a powerful tool in recruiting patients to take an active role in the management of their conditions. DocsInk’s program effectively engages the patient in an engagement feedback loop, fostering outcomes for patients and providers.

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At Docsink, we connect entire healthcare communities from large organizations and health systems to practices of all specialties and sizes.  Regardless of the organization’s affiliation or existing technology, we provide simple, effective solutions that improve speed, efficiency, accuracy and options in the delivery of quality patient care.  With the widespread focus on providing value-based care, DocsInk is making it possible to provide superior care while also maximizing reimbursements.  In today’s environment, shifting the way we approach healthcare is essential and DocsInk is on the cutting edge of where the industry is headed. 

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