DocsInk securely connects hospitals to their entire community.

Casey M., CCLCF Care Team Lead

“DocsInk has completely changed how we work. We can now securely message each other regarding patient information to enhance collaboration within our interdisciplinary team. We can video chat with each other from our home and work offices and are actually able to conference in pharmacists during home visits with patients. It has made a huge difference to increase our efficiency and ease of communication within our team.”


Referring providers and external care team members share information seamlessly.

How DocsInk Works

All devices across all platforms

Healthcare driven communication

DocsInk offers the unique messaging that drives healthcare.  Patient Care Channels, Public Groups, Private Groups, Rapid Response Groups are just a portion of it.  Embedded patient profiles increase efficiency and have team members responding to federated information instead of disparate sources.

docsink hipaa compliant messenger


Communicate effectively and scale with apps

DocsInk enables HIPAA compliant communication with patients to their email, their phone, or our Patient Care Messenger.  Each method comes directly to your app so you get all the information at the right time.

DocsInk’s integration marketplace allows you to install even more apps to extend your messaging and communication by sending faxes, voice mails, and incoming emails to specific communication channels.


Onboard a patient to a program in minutes. Not hours.

Remote Patient Management is the future of patient communication and creating healthier, less costly outcomes.

With DocsInk, the future is now.  DocsInk’s patient Care Messenger allows the patient to sync with AppleHealth, Google Fit, or sHealth and deliver real-time data back to the doctor or the individual care team members for immediate triage and management. On top of DocsInk’s billing platform, this keeps your team reimbursed for RPM CPT Codes.

docsink rpm remote physiological monitoring programs

DocsInk Plans & Pricing

DocsInk is a feature-rich healthcare communication platform that solves real communication problems effortlessly.