Manage your CCM patient population from one place for accurate billing every time.

New Careplans, HCC Codes and more.

Chronic Care Management simplified.

DocsInk manages the patients, the logs, the minutes, the actions, and the billing.

Patient Interview to Billing

Each patient is accessed directly from your CCM patient list and has their assigned chronic conditions, PCP, and historical interview information. Our Audit-Lock session walks you through the condition-based patient interview, records the information and generates a billing complexity for accurate Medicare billing.

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Disparate Patient Populations

DocsInk allows your organization to manage 1 or many disparate patient populations. Each population can have separate assigned primary care doctors and condition-based care protocols. Each population is managed from a single login and the same view for simplified patient population management.

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FHIR Based CMS Careplan

DocsInk's FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) based careplan meets medication management, MTP, and goal based services as required by Medicare and CMS. Simple to use and integrated with our CCM Interviews, patient assigned conditions can be attached to goals and medications to better manage your patient's CCM care.

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Track Annual Wellness Visits

Chronic Care Management of patients can originate from the Annual Wellness Visit of the patient. DocsInk allows you to track and schedule the AWVs for the assigned patient population to further optimize the time and reimbursement for the patient's chronic care management.

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The Nation's Best CCM Platform

Care Protocols

DocsInk's CCM platform offers over 30+ Chronic Disease states with condition based protocols for interview session management.

Masked Dialer

Call your patients from your mobile device without divulging your phone number with our Dialer that masks your phone number.

Real-Time Billing Assessment

Colored icons give you at a glance billing assessment statuses for your entire patient population for program management.

Task Assignment

Create actions and tasks per patient and assign to team members. The tasks update and notify based on the user's desktop calendar.

Automated Bill Generation

Each calendar month DocsInk's algorithm will run and determine the appropriate level of complexity and assign the correct CPT billing level.

Team-Based Time Tracking

DocsInk segments and tracks each team member's patient interaction to determine workload and performance.

Outsourced CCM Providers

DocsInk is the most popular outsourced CCM Program platform for multiple patient population management.

Primary Care Providers

Individual Primary Care Providers prefer DocsInk's platform for Careplan Access and Condition Protocols.


DocsInk is a partner to CPESN and CCNC and has met all requirements for the Pharmacist Level 3 Careplan Service


Docsink services ACOs that need to manage patient population costs and track HCC opportunities across multiple organizations.


CCM Patients that enter emergent care facilities can adversely impact your Star rating and reimbursement.

EHR and EMR Companies

DocsInk provides seamless integration with major EHR and EMR vendors for Single Sign On services and integrated workflows.

DocsInk manages over 50,000 monthly patient interviews.

Electra McCabe
Care Coordinator

DocsInk is an amazing easy-to-use tool to assist your practice in staying organized, so you can focus on giving the best care possible to your patients. The staff is friendly, open minded, and supportive in making sure DocsInk is the best it can be for your practice’s needs.”

Jen Broeckel
Patient Manager

We love DocsInk and are having so much fun affecting our patient’s lives.


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