Chronic Care Management

Simplify the administration, management and billing of your CCM clinical services program, while boosting your ROI

Enrolling your patients into a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program offers substantial benefits. Similarly to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), CCM programs promote proactive medical care. Additionally, you’ll see improved outcomes, and, furthermore, achieve clinical goals while reducing healthcare expenses. DocsInk’s solution streamlines both CCM and RPM for practices and organizations of any size, resulting on ROI in excess of $165/month/patient.

Patient Population Management


Manage CCM Patient Populations

Successfully manage a CCM patient population for a singular physician — or, on the other hand, for multiple practices on an enterprise level. Improve health outcomes and reduce overall costs of care by using DocsInk to log, track, trend and bill for proactive patient management and communication using DocsInk’s customized dashboards.

Complete documentation quickly

Long hand is a waste of time. Instead, use DocsInk to log CCM clinical services with customized action items. Moreover, you can list time spent and resources used. Additionally, specific diagnosis and condition assessments can be recorded for every patient.

Generate and track tasks

Don’t lose patients to follow up. Instead, create tasks with associated time, date and responsible parties. Subsequently, you’ll see streamlined workflows, improved efficiency and elimination of duplicated clinical efforts.

Overcome interoperability and data blocking

Create, update and share electronic patient care plans. Continuity of care between health care providers, for instance, will result in HIPAA compliant, patient-centric communication across organizations and care teams.

Billing Audit Lock

Take the Guess Work out of Documenting and Billing for CCM Services

DocsInk’s CCM Billing Audit Lock feature designed let’s you generate the most accurate charge codes based on Medicare’s requirement guidelines. Consequently, you’ll comply and pass those third-party audits.


Determine between complex vs. non-complex CCM services

The level of CCM complexity is automatically calculated in real-time with DocsInk. Data input, services provided and care planning documentation, therefore, are aligned to Medicare’s Medical Decision Making (MDM) guidelines.

Achieve CCM program and documentation compliance

Meet each patient’s CCM service requirement. DocsInk’s real-time, color-coded queues prompt clinicians, so you don’t miss a single requirement.

Generate audit reports

Detailed reports are automatically created for each CCM patient encounter. Likewise, each service performed, including all required structured data points, are recorded so you can substantiate care provided and associated charges.

Maximized Revenue


Increase Recurring Revenue with Automated Billing

With DocsInk, CCM charges are generated at the highest and most accurate billing level and then sent automatically to DocsInk’s Charges dashboard and/or applicable billing system.

Maximize monthly productivity and revenue

DocsInk’s CCM makes you more productive in four ways. Firstly, you can quickly assess the number of enrolled CCM patients. Secondly, you’ll see the percentage of patients who have met minimum billing requirements. Further, we highlight patients who may represent additional billing opportunities. And finally, you’ll see a distinct benefit from the display of estimated monthly CCM revenue per provider/ practice/organization.

Automate monthly CCM billing

DocsInk aggregates all time and services logged for each patient every calendar month. Imagine the time you’ll save when we automatically generate the most accurate CPT and ICD-10 codes for immediate billing for each provider.

Create customized billing and productivity reports

DocksInk lets you create reports instantly. For example, you can review and audit all services performed by individual clinical team members. Subsequently, you can reconcile the associated charges billed by each supervising physicians.

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