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We've added a few real videos of the desktop and mobile application performing the most common charge capture scenarios that are typical to rounding providers. If you'd like to see something more specific just click the Get a Demo button.

Let's watch a real patient being selected and charged from the desktop and mobile app. This is a pretty typical charge capture workflow, you'll select the patient, add your ICD-10 diagnoses, select your cpt codes and modifiers, and submit your bill. In this workflow, you'll see DocsInk use these charge capture features:

  • ICD-10 Search and Drilldown
  • ICD-10 Favorite
  • ICD and CPT Visit Pull Forward
  • Facesheet Image Upload

This is the most common workflow for Hospitalists and any other patient encounter rounding specialty.

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Single or Group Rounding

Typical workflows for charge capture can be a single provider rounding on patients or a group rounding on patients. DocsInk allows you to create personal patient lists or access group rounding lists with a single tap. Manage multiple locations and set defaults for more efficient charge capture.

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Favorite CPTs and ICD-10 Codes

Easy to build and entirely customizable to your full organization or unique to you or any user. Tap to save from your mobile or create a full template you can assign to any users. Change the names of the codes to something that's more familiar without changing the ICD-10 or CPT code.

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Mid-Level and Provider Follow-Up

If you're rounding with a mid-level, PA, or MA, DocsInk provides at a glance daily patient encounter. Use our color-coded billing guides to know when there's an opportunity for follow-up billing for a higher level of reimbursement.

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Seamless Integrations with Everyone

DocsInk maintains integrations and real-time interfaces with nearly every major EHR and Practice Management system to generate accurate patient list assignments and to optimize billing efficiencies. EPIC, Cerner, McKesson, CPSI, Athena to name a few of the many.

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Award-Winning Mobile Charge Capture

Facesheet Upload

Take a picture of a facesheet and tag it on upload to give your billing personnel all of the demographics to generate a bill.

Code Prompt

Turn on our Code Prompt to highlight the correct code selection to accurately bill your encounter based on the patient's location.

Pocket CFO

Real-time reimbursement and RVU encounter aggregation to give you a snapshot of your daily, weekly, or monthly billing progress.

Scheduled Surgeries

Have your daily surgical schedule uploaded to DocsInk with pre-authorized codes for tap to review and billing submission.

Customized to Your Workflow

DocsInk allows you and your team to customize the app and the workflow to fit your preferred rounding and billing needs.

5-7 Second Charge Capture

Built for speed, DocsInk remembers and pulls forward key patient information to reduce redundant data entry and optimize efficiency.


DocsInk's charge capture is used in rural hospitals and large multi-state hospital networks throughout the United States.

Individual Rounding Providers

DocsInk is the only premium charge capture application that a user can register for and being using immediately.

Multi-Specialty Clinics

DocsInk simplifies the patient rounding and encounter billing needs for groups with consulting and rounding providers.

Referring or Consulting Providers

Unpaid curbside consults are a thing of the past. DocsInk simplifies your billing process and gets every encounter paid.

Every Specialty

Hospitalist, Cardiology, Gastrology, Dermatology, OGBY, Oncology, IM, Endocrinology, Pediatry, Pulmonology, Urology, Nephrology, ID, and more.

EHR / Platform Integrations

DocsInk provides Single Sign-On and integrated Charge Capture services for EHR, PM and EMR platforms as an added service.

Thousands of healthcare providers rely on DocsInk every day to accurately bill and manage their patient lists and encounters.

Joshua Lowentritt, MD
CMIO Internal Medicine, Touro

DocsInk is easily hands-down the most responsive vendor our group has ever dealt with. They are for real; committed to my group’s success, personally handling specific needs for our 6 specialties.

Dr. Howard Haber
UPENN Cardiology

DocsInk is a pleasure to use.


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