A Big Ol’ Update for CCM and Messenger

A Big Ol’ Update for CCM and Messenger

From time to time, DocsInk takes a hard look at our technology and decides that you need more from us and updates need to be done. Now is one of those times. So, Let’s get to it!

UPDATE: Inserting Conditions to CCM Notes

First: We are pre-inserting the CCM Conditions into the Note field as well as some big performance updates, making the application much faster. Also, Messenger now has the Group Call Board!  This is a big deal.  Our first big user case for this will connect over 100 different community pharmacies across the United States for a real-time messaging On Call Scheduler.

This should be a significant time saver and template guide for CCM Notes.  The Add Log will, by default, pull patients’ managed conditions into the Notes. As a result, patient follow up can be documented for CCM.  This will also insert the Notes into the CCM Log for the patient. Click the Insert Conditions toggle to pull out the notes.

UPDATE: Call Group Board

The Call Group Board REALLY starts to pull together DocsInk’s shared Organizations and On Call Scheduler.  Clicking on the ellipses to the right of Call Groups will open the Call Group Board.  

Call Groups, initially, are uncategorized.  Click the ‘+’ to create a category and then Drag and Drop the groups into the categories. Only the users that are on call when opened, will show in their tiles.  Select ‘On Call’ beneath your Board List to show ONLY the tiles with On Call Users available.  Use the Search to look into the future and see who’s on call for a specific date and time – and click on the user to message them.

See something else you need? Connect with your rep and let us know!

Updates for Messenger

Updates for Messenger

You spoke and we listened! Check out these sweet new updates to the DocsInk application:

Update: You can now host a Video Call or Screen Share with an individual, or host a Conference Call and Screen Share with a group.

This is the most requested feature we have had. After working on it for several months, we’re happy to release it in a limited beta to our users today.  

Simply click on the button(s) Start a Video Call / Start a Conference Call at the top of the chat thread. The receiving parties will receive a notification with a link to your video chat.  This is a great tool for everyone. We’ve seen adoption like these:

  • billing staff meetings,
  • Doctors at group signout,
  • CCM review sessions with PCPs and staff,
  • general chat and conversation throughout the day.

Video chat is only available on desktop and browser at this time, supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.  We will release our mobile version in two weeks.

Update: Menu changes and cleanup

You’ll notice that the left menu has been changed – we’ve removed the bulky icons and replaced them with smaller menu names and icons. Hopefully this improves your navigation experience and makes things simpler for you to manage.

Update: Image Zoom and Manipulation

You’ll now see a toggle at the bottom of the image viewer. Slide it from left to right to zoom on an image, and click on the image to move it around the view to zoom in on a specific area of the image.

Last One: Tasks Calendar View

Finally!  You can ask yourself ‘What am I doing today?’… and get an easier answer from our tasks view!  Clicking on Notifications > Tasks you’ll see a calendar view now with the dates on a scrollable left menu.  Select dates to view your daily entries and hover on them for more information.

As always, if you have an questions about specific features or functionality, you can chat with your account manager!

Who we are:

DocsInk differentiates its software from the competition by simultaneously addressing the fiscal, communication, and connectivity needs of medical professionals. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”), DocsInk is improving the way technology integrates with the various workflows of the healthcare industry. By utilizing the SMART on FHIR platform and protocols, DocsInk has set its platform to create truly integrated and system agnostic services with EHR/PM systems. Beyond our technology, that is native to Mac, PC, iOS, and Android, our team is dedicated to providing customer support and a user experience that is second to none.

Today, DocsInk provides simple, effective solutions that improve the speed, efficiency, accuracy, and adaptable methods in the delivery of patient care not just as a Telehealth Solution but also Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Mobile Charge Capture. To learn more visit us at www.DocsInk.com.