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The landscape of healthcare is changing daily.  Between navigating value-based care and managing risk-based populations, you’re also working to speed reimbursements while striving to virtualize your practice.  To further the intricacies of your organizations’ day-to-day operations, you are also learning to maneuver the challenges of battling a global health care crisis.  DocsInk has responded and is committed to being with you every step of the way.

 At Docsink, we connect entire healthcare communities from large organizations and health systems to practices of all specialties and sizes.  Regardless of the organization’s affiliation or existing technology, we provide simple, effective solutions that improve speed, efficiency, accuracy and options in the delivery of quality patient care.  With the widespread focus on providing value-based care, DocsInk is making it possible to provide superior care while also maximizing reimbursements.  In today’s environment, shifting the way we approach healthcare is essential and DocsInk is on the cutting edge of where the industry is headed. 

 Our technology is native to Mac, PC, IOS, and Android, making it accessible to all.  Most importantly, our team is dedicated to providing customer support and a user experience that is second to none.



The DocsInk Story

Our Story

DocsInk was founded in 2012 and is located in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Co-Founders, Julie Thomas and Brad Hinely were running a healthcare consulting company. While working on a client need, they uncovered a unique opportunity: develop a proprietary healthcare application. The objective? To address the charge capture and communication challenges that their existing clients were experiencing.

The firm developed a uniquely close relationship with its clients. By learning about their specialty-specific processes, they uncovered challenges that were faced daily. Thus, DocsInk was established to accommodate workflows that save time, maximize revenue, improve clinical communication and facilitate care coordination.

We develop for you.

The genesis of DocsInk was a Mobile Charge Capture solution. Customers benefitted quickly, because it offered immediate revenue and workflow benefits. Because they worked side-by-side with medical providers, they knew their solution was simple to adopt and easy to use. The results were encouraging: physicians saw a 15% increase in revenue within 45 days. The news of their positive results spread quickly, resulting in a steady flow of new DocsInk clients.

The next few years at DocsInk was a time of growth. Reflection offered a rededication to being different and better than any other solution provider. We listen to our clients, because for some of our best ideas come from them. They provide feedback on new features because they know it’s in their best interest. After all, our job is to help make their jobs easier.

Those foundational practices and philosophy have steered our research and development. This garnered DocsInk several prestigious awards and thousands of new users. Together, we have developed a world class technology solution that is making a positive impact across the nation’s healthcare continuum.

Since its inception, DocsInk has expanded our application to include solutions to key problems. We started by adding Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Following that, we added One-Tap Telehealth and Chronic Care Management. Next, we offered HIPAA Compliant Messaging and a Patient Care Application. We keep our technology modular, so that providers and organizations create the application experience that best services their needs and workflows. Right down to the individual end-user.

Gain time. Improve outcomes. Increase revenue. ~  We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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