'DocsInk is How Good Healthcare Companies Communicate.'

– Smart Health IT- 2017 – 

DocsInk secures healthcare communication. When you're a hospital that needs to communicate to ambulatory facilities, a pharmacy that needs to communicate with your staff, a home health company that needs to communicate with their traveling staff, or a Primary Care Provider that needs to send referrals to a specialist, DocsInk is the where you come.

DocsInk is used by 220+ nationwide healthcare organizations from 2 users to 300+ users. Thousands of users trust DocsInk every day. We service Hospitals, Primary Care Providers, Pharmacies, ACOs, ASUs, Billing Companies, Payers, Tele-health, Health Networks, and healthcare consulting companies.


If everyone can't use it, it won't make a difference.
Don't take my charge cards!

DocsInk's founders were hired by Pennsylvania Cardiology Associates to implement their newly purchased EMR system in 2012. The height of Meaningful Use 1, huge incentives, and rushed timelines forced everyone to spend days huddled inside of a conference room on the 3rd floor of the Farm Journal Building in Philadelphia planning an implementation and go-live for a staff of 100. Nearing the end, with all of the workflows mapped, the software customized, and the training scheduled, someone brought in the doctors' 'charging cards'. Color coded sheets with illegible scribbles and patient health information. Each sheet represented thousands of dollars of reimbursable patient encounters with no backup, no audit trail, and what was more important at the time, no EMR workflow or billing procedure.

To build the workflow from the charging cards, we had to understand where they were coming from. Pulling on that string was the start of DocsInk as a commercial product. We realized that healthcare providers productivity dropped by nearly 30% when they stepped outside of their office to see patients. It wasn't that the doctors stopped working 30% of the time, it was that they lost, forgot, didn't charge, or mis-remembered at a later date, the patient encounters. So we looked around for a solution to the problem. Nothing affordable, simple, or easily integrated was available. So we built one.

Its good. But it could be better

We first commercially released the Charge Capture product in Wilmington, North Carolina. A little rough around the edges, we took it to Wilmington Health, a large multi-specialty organization and presented to their hospitalist group. Prepared for our big presentation in a large conference room, only one doctor showed. He saw what it could do, but more importantly where it could go, and agreed to pilot it for their rounding group. Within a few weeks, we had one of our longest and best client relationships that we still maintain to this day.

'Why do you only capture the charges when that's not all that I have to do?' That was Josh Dobstaff's question. 'What if you could assist in my discharges and transitions?' This presents a really unique challenge, because Josh's organization is a major hub of patients from many disparate healthcare organizations. And a discharge or patient transition only works when you have a confirmed delivery of receipt. So we got in the secure messaging and patient transition game. Within our first months of release, DocsInk was credited with assisting the largest ACO in North Carolina for having the lowest patient readmission rate on the east coast. So we stepped it up a notch and created a full HIPAA Compliant Secure Messenger integrated with our Charge Capture offering.

If everyone can't use it, it won't make a difference.

We spent 2016 preparing for what we saw as the best opportunity to effect patient health and provider reimbursement. Chronic Care Management was on the horizon, and the CMS easement gave us an opportunity to create a tool that took advantage of our messaging platform and our billing platform. We forged partnerships with large networks that service thousands of providers.

But we knew we couldn't affect the full patient health and provider reimbursement opportunities if we didn't allow for a free service and easy user registration. DocsInk is the only enterprise ready, HIPAA Compliant secure messaging, CCM, and Charge Capture application that ANY provider or organization can register for, and begin using, within a few minutes. For free. We take the economic risks out of healthcare communication and reimbursement software.