DocsInk, the leading chronic care management (CCM) and collaborative communication platform used by thousands of healthcare stakeholders nationwide, today announced they have achieved Level 3 (active medication) capability from Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) for the Pharmacist eCare Plan initiative. Using DocsInk’s application, community pharmacies can successfully share care plans electronically with other care team providers, thereby reducing costs, improving health outcomes and receiving payment for their valuable work performed.

DocsInk has earned the unique distinction of being the only technology company who offers a CCM solution that has met the Level 3 capability for the Pharmacist eCare Plan. The Pharmacy Health Information Technology Collaborative (PHIT) has endorsed the Pharmacist eCare Plan, developed in conjunction with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, as the standard for interoperability and exchange of patient’s active medication lists, drug therapy problems, gaps in care, interventions and patient-centered goals. For more information on the Pharmacist eCare Plan initiative, click here.

“Our newly obtained Level 3 Pharmacist eCare Plan classification demonstrates DocsInk’s long-standing dedication to promoting interoperability and sharing patient data in real-time, to improve the speed and quality of care delivered to our nation’s most critically-ill patient population,” said Julie Thomas, CEO of DocsInk. “As an active partner of CPESN® Networks, DocsInk is committed to providing technology solutions which support pharmacists in expanding their scope of clinical services ‘beyond the fill’ and increasing revenue through compensation for their care interventions,” added Thomas.

Current pharmacy users of DocsInk’s CCM software, will now have access to DocsInk’s eCare Plan submission at no extra expense. As are all features of DocsInk’s application, the eCare Plan is available as a stand-alone solution.

“We look forward to utilizing DocsInk for the submission of our eCare Plans to CCNC as part of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) grant funded program. As current users of DocsInk’s CCM platform, we value them as innovators and market leaders who obviously share our passion for integrating clinical services into community pharmacies as integral members of the patient’s care team,” said Amina Abubaker, PharmD, CPESN Luminary and owner of RxClinic Pharmacy and Avant Institute of Clinicians in Charlotte, NC.

“The pharmacist eCare plan was designed for both billing and sharing of information with other care team members simultaneously with a single transaction. DocsInk’s core capability of CCM documentation and submission of activities and care plan coordination to the medical practice is an exemplar of what the eCare plan was meant to be,” said Troy Trygstad, VP of Pharmacy Programs at Community Care of North Carolina. “The active medication list capability is an essential component to this end since it is a list that transcends both pharmacy and practice, so they can easily reconcile medications and work together more collaboratively,” continued Trygstad.

About DocsInk

DocsInk’s mobile application is available for download in iTunes and Google Play. Native also to both MAC and PC, it is designed for use by medical care teams and clinicians who provide patient services in hospitals, surgical facilities, pharmacies, multiple outpatient offices, skilled nursing facilities, ACO’s, and home health agencies. DocsInk addresses the administrative, billing, secure communication, data-sharing and clinical work-flow needs associated with collaborative-care models. DocsInk’s ability to integrate via standard HL7 and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), simplifies and streamlines processes with the following functionality: mobile charge capture, secure messaging, integrated on­call calendar, referral/consult management, chronic care management, enhanced pharmacy services, automated admission and discharge notifications, transitional care management and real-time reporting with dashboard views. To learn more about DocsInk or schedule a demo, contact Linda Powell at 888-577-7409 or visit

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